RealSelf Patient Story on Fat Cell Breast Augmentation in Charlotte, NC

Highly Recommended! Fat Transfer to Breasts + Scar Revision with Dr. Bednar – Charlotte, NC

When choosing the right cosmetic surgery doctor, especially when you are not only out-of-town, but you also live overseas, a lot of research and planning goes into finding the best provider. My husband and I feel that the effort has paid off.

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“Dr. Bednar and his team truly care about their patients, and that showed from the moment we contacted his office. From his very nice assistant Sylvia, who did a great job communicating with us, and answering any initial questions we had, to talking to Dr. Bednar directly over a Skype consultation, we were pleased to confirm that we have made the right choice for these procedures.

After arriving in Charlotte for the pre-op, we had the pleasure to meet Ashley C. Now, one word describes this nurse: awesome! She is a person who really loves taking care of others, she is a natural, and truly loves her job. Looking forward to the surgery that took place 2 days after, everything went extremely well, and Dr. Bednar was very pleased on how the procedures turned out. That was exciting news for us, knowing that he is a perfectionist.

The results are amazing! His artistic background is very visible, and their support for patients in undeniable. If we ever had any questions, doubts about instructions, or anything pertaining to the procedures, Dr. Bednar, Sylvia or Ashley were always there. And for us, that is priceless. I highly recommend Dr. Bednar for the natural approach that involves fat transfers. This is his passion, and you won’t be disappointment. I am so happy with the results, and I do look forward to the future. He added 680 cc’s of fat in both breasts. I was a 34C, and I am 2 cup sizes bigger now. Congratulations if you are searching for the right doctor. You have found him!”

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