Fat Cell Transfer For Breast Augmentation in Charlotte, NC

Fat transfer breast augmentation can give women fuller, more attractive breasts without the need for breast implants.

Is Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Right For You?

Dr. Edward Bednar, based in Charlotte, NC, only performs fat cell transfer breast augmentation in his practice.

Many women are now choosing fat transfer breast augmentation as a natural alternative to enhance their breasts without getting breast implants. Fat transfer breast augmentation is considered a more natural approach to breast augmentation since it uses the patient’s own fat cells instead of unnatural materials.

As an added benefit, liposuction is used to remove the fat that will be used in the fat transfer breast augmentation. The fat is removed from the thighs, abdomen, flanks or another area with excess fat, offering the added benefit of slimming and toning.

Fat transfer can be used as an adjunct after an implant or in combination with an implant procedure. If there is very little cover on the chest wall which translates to very little cover over an implant, fat can be used to increase the thickness of the overlying tissue. Some  breast asymmetries can be treated by a combination of implants and fat transfer. Cleavage lines can also be improved through fat transfer.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: During the past decade, Dr. Bednar has been focusing more and more on natural breast augmentation options such as fat transfer to the breasts. Thus, due to the increased demand for fat cell transfer to the breasts, his practice has evolved from offering implant surgery to offering fat cell transfer as the primary alternative.

Photos to the left:  36 year old female with a desire for a little larger breast without having to use an implant. She also liked the idea of the two for one benefit of a little improved contour in certain areas where fat would be harvested. She also liked the idea of not having to worry about implant failure or complications that often surround implantable devices. After informed consent she elected for a fat transfer.  She underwent  a transfer of 510 cc of fat a side with a retention of volume expected to be approximately 325 cc.

Facts About Fat Cell Transfer for Breast Augmentation.

Facts About Fat Cell Transfer for Breast Augmentation.

Fat cell transfers were first performed around 1896. The first fat transfers for facial rejuvenation as early as 1912. This is not a novel or new procedure, but has been perfected over the years.

In the last 20 years, surgeons have been documenting some long-term benefits found from fat cell transfers, including the ability to maintain volume as well as regenerative evidence.

29 year old female patient, 610 cc’s of body fat and stem cells transferred to each breast, prior cup size a/b, current cup size c/d.

Patient Testimonial:

“I have always wanted to have natural looking breast augmentation without implants because I just felt that I did not want a foreign object in my body

I did tons of research on fat transfer the breast and decided that that was the best option for me.  In addition to that I was able to harvest the fat from my stomach and inner thighs which have always been my problem areas. The result has been beyond my wildest dream. Not only do my breasts look like I’m back in High school
I have gone down two dress sizes  after surgery. I cannot be happier.  Dr Bednar is an amazing doctor!

I cannot wait to show off my new body when I go on my anniversary cruise in April .  My husband also cannot believe my transformation. He’s even thinking about Botox now!

Kindest regards to all the staff for taking such good care of me.
I will send you tons of patients, trust me,” Leslie

Patient Testimonial

Couldn’t be more pleased with the results!

During my consultation, Dr. Bednar discussed a fat transfer procedure as an alternative to breast implants. I was extremely interested in this procedure, and ready for a more natural look. In my younger years I had full breasts and lost the fullness over the years due to age and weight loss. That is why I originally had the implant surgery.   During our discussion I felt confident the fat transfer was the right choice for me.

I scheduled my surgery right away!

I am now 12 weeks post op and couldn’t be more pleased with my results. I have describe to Dr. Bednar and staff “my breast are just like they were when I was 18” and more recently I expressed “my own fat transferred to my breasts is wonderful,  it’s all natural, and I can wear bras to make them look however I want them to!”

The results are unbelievable! My breasts are my own! They look and feel natural. Why not? It’s my own body fat moved to another area.

I cannot express how pleased I am with my results. I would highly recommend Bednar Plastic Surgery, and the fat transfer procedure. Dr. Bednar’s attention to detail is impeccable.  The staff is bar none the best!!  

Before and After Liposuction for Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation.

We were excited to receive these photos of one of our patients who had Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation several years ago. Not only is she thrilled with her improved breasts, she now has a sleeker body, both Abs and Booty thanks to the liposuction to acquire the fat for her breasts.

Middle Aged Mom Very Pleased with Fat Transfer Breast

“I had fat transferred from my tummy, thighs and back and transferred to my breast. This procedure was perfect for me because I only wanted 1 full cup size larger. I was an AA/A cup size and am now a full B/small C cup. I wasn’t really interested in the fat removed from my tummy/waistline however now that the swelling has gone down, it is rather nice. Dr. Bednar of Charlotte, NC did my surgery and his team is absolutely awesome. I would return there if I needed any other work and would recommend him. I am very pleased with the results and am glad I did it.” Source: RealSelf.com

Dr. Bednar states, “My personal preference, in that I was first an artist long before I was a plastic surgeon, ( I’ve been painting carving and sculpting since I was eight years of age) would be to be able to provide an individual a unique and personally customized result in the sculpting of a patient’s breasts every time. A truly original work of art so to speak.”

Early in his career, Dr. Bednar would a clay model for a patient’s implant for breast reconstruction, personally customizing the implant for her. The clay model would serve as a recreation of all the subtle nuances of her breast that she was unfortunately going to lose to surgery, or match the other breast if she had already been treated. That particular model was used at the breast implant manufacturer’s custom’s department to produce her implant. Unfortunately there hasn’t been a customs department at the major manufacturers for nearly twenty years and it was an expensive process. This left us with an off-the-shelf and limited solutions with production implants. It is the same case with the cosmetic patient and we are left with limited choices, and in fact limitations to results.

Fat transfer, however, does allow Dr. Bednar the sculpting tool and medium to customize a breast augmentation with the patient’s own tissue, instead of a foreign object.  As an artist, this satisfies his longstanding desire to create a specific and customized look for each individual patient.

Fat transfer to the breast is not necessarily for everyone. Those patients who would never have an implant, are left with this as essentially their only choice. Patients who want a very dramatic increase in size may be better served by an implant. There are times where a combination of the procedures, utilizing both an implant and a fat transfer, may serve to satisfy the expectations of the patients and provide for a superior result. Asymmetries, constricted breasts, poor cleavage lines, and even slightly sagging breasts seem better served with a fat transfer. The possibilities seem endless.

We think the best conclusion is that in experienced and talented (and we stress experienced and talented) hands a predictable and consistent result can be obtained even without cell enrichment. Cellular enrichment is the next step towards more consistent results for all practitioners.

It must be remembered that in the great majority of cases, the desired result can be accomplished in a single stage.  In some cases where there is a significant asymmetry or constriction of breast tissue, more than one procedure may be warranted.  Dr Bednar would discuss this particular scenario with that patient and map out a long-term treatment plan accordingly.

D Vestal
D Vestal
I had the fat removed (bags) from under my eyes and he did my upper Eye Lids, too. Very pleased with the results and the entire team.
Siobhan Roberts
Siobhan Roberts
With having close to 20 surgeries in my life, I’ve never found a doctor or staff who have made me feel so comfortable, knowledgeable, and in capable hands. I absolUtely love his office and Dr. B. He’s the best surgeon in the firmed. I highly recommend him!
Angela Anderson
Angela Anderson
Amazing experience here! Traveled from WI for his services and the entire staff was great. Highly recommend this skilled surgeon.
Jaira Gordon
Jaira Gordon
Went to see Julie for a consultation for what I thought were sun spots, along with a few other things. Julie heard my concerns, and taught me the science behind what was happening with my skin, along with the procedures that would work best for me. She knew I had an upcoming vacation and would need to heal quickly, but also have lasting results. Julie stayed late to perform an Aquagold Vampire Facial for me-and not even 24 hours later I am glowing. She talked me through the entire procedure, educating me through out. She is very educated. The office itself is state of the art, clean, the all the latest and greatest in gadgets. I think the best part of it all is Julie managed to get me top notch results, while working within my budget-and did not sell me things I didn’t need. Highly, Highly recommend!
Suellen S
Suellen S
I had the threads and filler today by Julie Gallo! OMG, I could immediately see the difference and my 74 all of a sudden turned to 60! You do not have to tell her what to do, actually, please don't and let her do her magic. She was so through and such attention to detail. I am so happy with my results and will continue to see Julie! You should too!!
Amy Grady
Amy Grady
The entire staff is pleasant and professional. Every experience has been outstanding. Julie is amazing with establishing an individual routine to meet your objectives and keep you loving your skin.
Gina M
Gina M
Beautiful Staff, professional, and awesomely skilled doctor surrounded by talent.

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