Dr. Bednar – Artwork & Sculptures

The Art of Plastic Surgery is more than a marketing catch phrase for Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Edward J Bednar MD.  Dr. Bednar’s artistic background spans over more than 40 years.

He has been  painting, carving, and sculpting since childhood.  He gave a painting instruction demonstration to his sixth grade class at 11-years of age, at the same time embarking on his carving endeavors which eventually lead to award winning carvings at a World Championship level.

His artistic aptitudes were largely responsible for his acceptance into the prestigious University of Miami Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery training program under Dr. D. Ralph Millard, also called the Plastic Surgeon of the Millennium.

It was the artistic and strong philosophical approach of Dr. Millard which fostered Dr. Bednar’s application of artistic aptitudes and principles to  plastic surgery. If you value an artistic approach, then you’ll find Dr Bednar’s results to be natural and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

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