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Bednar Cosmetic Surgery
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by Julie on Bednar Cosmetic Surgery
Fat transfer win!

Dr. Bednar and his staff are absolutely amazing. From the pre surgery care to pre-op to surgery and then after, I was consistently impressed by their compassion and knowledge. Fear of implant illness and repeat surgeries to replace them had me fearing I would never be able to have the body shape I desired. Dr. Bednar transformed not only my body, but also my outlook. I appreciate his attention to detail, his continuous availability, and the quick response times from his staff. I can’t imagine going anywhere else and highly recommend coming here!

by Tonya M. Google Reviewer on Bednar Cosmetic Surgery
Top Plastic Surgeon

One of the best plastic surgeons I have worked with. He knows the body, face and art of beauty like no one else.

by Cara G on Bednar Cosmetic Surgery
Worth every penny

I had a fat transfer breast augmentation with Dr. Bednar on April 12, 2018. I had been researching this procedure for nearly a year before committing to the idea, I scoured Facebook groups, Realself, and other's surgeon's work. I am equal parts thorough and skeptical and wanted to be certain I was choosing the most skilled and competent professional for a life-changing operation.

I found that in Dr. Bednar. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that he is one of the best surgeon's in the world for fat transfer, I flew almost 3,000 miles from Oregon to North Carolina on this belief. His staff (Joel, Kendall, Sou) are caring and thoughtful and kind, and his wife, Sylvia, is endlessly generous with her time and attention, answering the same questions for new and nervous patients ad infinitum.

When I arrived at their office for my pre-op appointment, I was a deer in the headlights and kind of a nervous wreck. The SECOND I met Dr. Bednar and got to shake his hand, his laid-back demeanor melted every bit of nervousness from me and I didn't experience it again, not even when I was laying on the operating table about to go under anesthesia. Surgery went on without a hitch, I woke up with zero nausea. Recovery went exactly as expected (I recommend Dorothea at Integrative Massage Concepts for manual lymph drainage once before and after surgery, she's amazing). I am very pleased with my results. My breasts look incredible and my lipo areas are healing beautifully, no lumps or bumps.

I feel confident in my decision and would do it over again in a heart beat if I were given the opportunity. Worth every penny.

by Willow P. on Bednar Cosmetic Surgery
Outstanding results

I came to Dr. Bednar for fat transfer to breasts and face after explant surgery from another doctor. I looked so deformed and he created magic with my breasts even though he had so little to work with. They were misshapen and ugly to the point where I became a hermit. I am almost 3 months post surgery and I could not be happier with my results. I am confident to go out dating again, wearing cute outfits and just simply smiling about life again. Thank you so much to DR. Bednar and his wonderful team of nurse-angels for making me whole again!!! I will be sending you many patients -Sincerely, a patient for life!!

by Sandra on Bednar Cosmetic Surgery
100% Trust

Great staff, trustworthy and honest with opinions and procedures. I trust 100 percent with recommendations

by Suzie on Bednar Cosmetic Surgery
Breast Fat Transfer

Where do i even begin?! Dr. Bednar and his team are absolute gems in their profession. The whole team treats you like part of their family from the beginning with the consultation and copious amounts of questions I had for Sylvia ( Dr Bednar's amazing wife). She answered all of my questions with utmost honesty and integrity as did Dr Bednar himself.. I had many consultations with other doctors, but my gut feeling to fly many, many hours to have this procedure done by these guys was confirmed!! From the lovely and beautiful nurses, Sou and Kendall to Joel the anesthesiologist, to the gorgeous, big hearted Sylvia (receptionist and Dr B's wife) and hospitable Sylvia, to Dr B's precise magnificent eye for shaping and sculpting- I could not be happier with my decision to travel as far as i did to be in the care of these guys. I absolutely LOVE my body and my breasts!!!! I am definitely a newly confident woman and a mother and I couldn't be more grateful. Thanks so much you guys XxX

by Starr Williams on Bednar Cosmetic Surgery
Upper Blepharoplasty

Dr. Bednar and his staff were the absolute best. He is a wonderful plastic surgeon and does great work. Being an artist is truly an asset to his expertise. I am so happy with the way my eyes turned out and everyone says that they look fantastic and I look 10 years younger! I would highly recommend him for all plastic surgery procedures. He is the best and truly cares about his patients.

by Kandy on Bednar Cosmetic Surgery
A True Artist

Excellent Surgeon – Dr.Bednar is and always has been an excellent surgeon. From breast augmentation to facial surgery, to less invasive fillers, he knows how to create the look his patients are trying to achieve.

He truly is an artist, unlike some other surgeons who claim this, his paintings and sculptures show his talent as do his patients. I know, because I am one. And will be again.

by Celeste on Bednar Cosmetic Surgery
Amazing Surgeon

Amazing Dr. Bednar – Dr. Bednar is an amazing surgeon, plus an accomplished artist. I met Dr. Bednar many year ago when I got kicked in the face by a horse. It was a terrible day, but Dr. Bednar with his calming manner and comforting approach took special care of me. The gash that was left in my face by the horse hoof was jagged and cut completely through. I actually could put my tongue through it. I thought I would have a severe scar from the kick. Dr. Bednar took me in , calmed me down and proceeded to repair the damaged area. When he was finished, he told me not to worry, it would heal and there wouldn't be a awful scar there. I thought, "Yeah right". On my return visit, his welcoming staff greeted me and treated me like I had been coming there for years. I soon was escorted back to one of the treatment rooms where Dr. Bednar promptly proceeded to remove the sutures. His kind temperament and steady hands were very reassuring to me. Once he was finish, he handed me a mirror and said with a Smile, "Take a Look". Well to my surprise, you could hardly see where the large gash had been, other than a little redness where it was still healing, there wasn't this horrible scar like I thought there would be there. The redness soon disappeared and you would not know that anything had ever happened. Since that time, I have been back for several procedures with Dr. Bednar. What I have done is between me and Dr. Bednar (lol). He is brilliant. If you are looking for a Doctor who is at the top of their game, but still listens and has a great bedside manner, then he is the only doctor for you. I know he is the only one for me.

Lets not forget his wonderful staff and Sylvia. What can I say about Sylvia? Nothing but, she is fantastic. Charismatic, knowledgeable, and has a delightful personality. All ways ready to help, educate and answer any questions you may have. Dr. Bednar and his wonderful staff will make sure you have the best of care and their attention to detail is exceptional. You will be thrilled with the results. I know I was years ago and they continue to amaze me with the great work they do.

by sera callif on Bednar Cosmetic Surgery
I'm 74 and my skin today is better that when I was 30!

My stepdaughter age 53 came for a visit and looked at my skin she wanted to pick my brain as to keeping her face as youthful as possible as she aged. After talking with her I decided to write this few paragraphs to the young women who look in the mirror and begin to think about keeping the lines and wrinkles at bay for as long as possible. If you have been in Dr Edward Bednar’s office you have probably notice a picture of me at 70 years young and also become aware of the absence of most lines and wrinkles on my face, I am about to turn 74 and most think I am fifty five/sixty.

It is critical that serious care is taken with your face before the first signs of aging. When I was fifty the only product I knew of was Retin-a so I started with a low strength until my skin adjusted and I was very happy with the results so I used this for years. Today retin-a products are much less abrasive as I am using Biopelle Retriderm Serum . I always believed in renewing the surface of my face by exfoliating and then using a good moisturizer.

At the age of sixty I had a face lift by Dr Bednar and have been going to him since. I have had different non-evasive procedures done though out the years that has made a hugh difference. Make an appointment with Dr Bednar for a consultation that will start you on a gradually increased program as you age and because you started when it was not obvious the down time, money and inconvenience should be much less.

If you start today the chances are great that you will never need surgery. I have had many procedures done over the years and my skin today is better that when I was thirty as I had terrible large pores and scars. At the age of seventy three my skin is thinning so I am doing Forma and Fractura and the difference in the texture is very obvious. If you start a maintenance program today you will probably never need surgery. As I sit in the waiting room it is amazing how many young women come in for facials, injectables, lasers, etc. all to slow down the signs of aging and believe me it works..

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