Silhouette Lift – Charlotte, NC

Are you looking for:
Redefined Jawline?
Improved skin laxity?
Immediate results that last?
all with minimal downtime

Silhouette® uses a double action effect to restore smoother and more toned skin, but also a more shapely face.

To meet this requirement, Silhouette® combines two effects: An immediate repositioning of the tissue and a gradual regeneration of collagen.


Watch Dr. Bednar perform the Silhouette Lift

What are the steps in a Silhouette® Treatment?

Silhouette Non-Surgical FaceLift is a technological innovation that recontours the face, offering men and women what no treatment has ever provided in such a simple and minimally invasive way. Silhouette Soft® offers a reshaped face and restored volume by means of a treatment with minimal downtime at a physician’s office.

Which Areas Can Be Treated?

  • Contours of the face
  • Jaw line
  • Cheeks and mid face area
  • Eyebrows
  • Neck

During the Treatment

Before conducting the treatment your physician will evaluate your needs and explain where the Silhouette Soft® sutures will be placed using a marking pen. The treated areas will be sterilised, and you may be given a topical anaesthetic to numb the area prior to the suture’s insertion.

Due to the sutures being inserted into the sub-cutaneous tissue there is relatively low level of discomfort during and after your treatment. Once the suture has been applied, the doctor performs slight compression of the tissue to reshape it by hand and to obtain the desired lifting effect. The non-inserted ends of the suture are cut off.

The number of sutures applied depends on the skin laxity and condition.


Are There Any Contraindications To Silhouette® Treatment?

Patients with foreign body sensitivity or known or suspected allergies to implant or instrument materials in particular plastic/biomaterial should not undergo the procedure. Do NOT use in patients with active sepsis or infection, active (or history of) autoimmune disease, patients under 18 years of age, pregnant or breastfeeding women, or patients with limited ability or un-willingness to follow post-treatment recommendations.

Is Silhouette® Treatment Painful?

No, the treatment is performed under local anaesthetic, avoiding pain during insertion of the suture.