Facial Fat Grafting

Dr. Bednar has been performing facial fat grafting for facial rejuvenation and facial contouring for over a decade.

Dr. Bednar applies his artistic aptitude to these subtle details. He has been painting, carving and sculpting since he was 8-years old.

“Like so many of the facial rejuvenation procedures, it demands an artistic approach and a great attention to detail to identify the changes to the topography of the face as a result of the aging process. This varies by individual.”

“When I am painting a portrait or sculpting a bust in clay, I set out to understand, then achieve the subtle differences in the facial planes and the topography of that individual’s face so that I can accomplish the likeness and character of that person.  If this is not done, then people don’t recognize the person in that painting or bust. 

The same holds true with a fat transfer to the face. This is where the art gets overwhelmed by the science of the technique as so amply demonstrated in the distorted faces of so many celebrities.  A youthful and natural likeness can be achieved, but the devil is in the details and the surgeon’s experience and artistic aptitude.”

Facial Fat Grafting

Plastic Surgery in Charlotte, NC

Dr. Bednar combines his medical expertise and artistic talent to give patients the most natural-looking cosmetic results. He is committed to personal attention, respect, confidentiality and professionalism.

Edward J. Bednar, MD

Board Certified, American Society of Plastic Surgery
Adjunct Professor, Clemson University-Division of Engineering and Sciences


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