Instant Face Lift

The FaceTite™ procedure causes the skin to tighten by 40% instantly, the skin will look and feel better immediately and though the results are instant there will be some swelling for approximately seven days afterwards. Over a period of three to six weeks as new collagen is formed there will be a continuous improvement.

Minimally Invasive

The FaceTite™ hand-piece is designed to be minimally invasive creating skin tightening with virtually no scarring and no stitches required, this makes the recovery process even quicker.

FaceTite™ is based on the successful technology behind Bodytite™ liposuction. FaceTite™ is a new form of energy-assisted skin tightening, using the computer-controlled application of radiofrequency energy.

FaceTite Before & After Photos

How long does FaceTite™ last?

The treatment result from FaceTite™ will last up to about five years, similar to a mini Face Lift™ and thereafter the skin will age naturally, though genetics and lifestyle may affect the lifespan of the FaceTite™ or any other Face Lift procedure.

What areas can be treated with FaceTite™?

The Forehead (giving a brow lift), Cheeks, Jowls, Neck, Nasolabial folds (nose to mouth) in fact just about any area above the shoulders can be treated with the new

Is FaceTite™ painful?

No. A local anaesthetic is administered which reduces discomfort to minimal levels. As with BodyTite™ – FaceTite™ does not require a general anaesthetic which reduces downtime, no overnight stay is required and treatments can be performed within the day.

Is one treatment enough?

Normally Yes, though this would depend upon the skin laxity and your desired results.

Can FaceTite™ be used with BodyTite™?

Yes, BodyTite™ uses aspiration so will give different results to FaceTite™ but the three procedures can be used in conjunction with each other or alone, this will be discussed at your FaceTite™ consultation with your Cosmetic Surgeon who will advise whether a combination of treatments may be the best option and whether these treatments would be carried out together or as separate procedures.

FaceTite™ RF Technology

FaceTite™ uses the same technology as is used in BodyTite™ – RFAL™ (Radio Frequency Assisted Liposuction) except with FaceTite™ there is no aspiration so the technology used is RF – Radio Frequency. RF or Radio frequency is used in MRI machines and many other medical treatments and has been used to treat patients for over 75 years, Invasix FaceTite™ is the Facial Cosmetic Surgery Revolution that now brings this proven technology to Cosmetic Surgery.

FaceTite™ RF Patient Safety

FaceTite™, as with BodyTite™ is exclusive to the Invasix platform and provides the Cosmetic Surgeon with constant feedback in order to monitor and maintain the amount of RF Energy and Heat used during a procedure and has many in built safety features to ensure that patient safety is paramount.

How It Works

In the FaceTite handpiece, RFAL energy is deployed from an internal cannula to an external electrode, generating focused energy into the adipose tissue and fatty areas. The directional application of RFAL is precise and controlled to heat specific targets without thermal injury to surrounding tissue. Furthermore, the geometric design of the handpiece and size of the electrodes provides an exact science to how much heat is generated on the skin’s surface, preventing unwanted thermal build-up.

The innovative development of a simultaneous aspiration-coagulation handpiece removes the hot liquefied adipose tissue immediately, allowing the FaceTite to become a one-step procedure providing a quicker treatment, at least 4x faster than other laser assisted devices.

Patient will see substantial fat reduction and body firming results. Patients with skin laxity who do not want an excisional procedure or the lumpy irregular appearance caused by liposuction will appreciate this added benefit.